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When it comes to meal & training plan, there is no 'one size fits to all'.

We create detailed plans to meet your specific needs in term of medical history, physical abilities, past training experience, food preferences etc.

Whether your goal is to reduce body fat, gain muscle, improve athletic performance or to simply improve your general health and wellbeing, we will help you reach your goal.

Ivana Pesic

Sports Nutritionist and Personal Trainer

What makes you show up and do your work out every day is not motivation

What happens on the days when you don’t feel motivated?

Being consistent means being self disciplined. It’s all about your mindset and choosing priority.

If you can’t control own self, then who can?

Make your own sugar free peanut butter

Why would you buy peanut butter that is full of sugar and other artificial ingredients when you can pay less and make your own, sugar free 100% peanut, peanut butter?

All you need is to blend raw or roasted peanuts for 2-3 mins in a food processor.

Video above.

Mobility & Movement Program Preview

Mobility & Movement Program

is a 4 weeks general full body program that you can do on a side of your regular training program but it's also ideal for people who are not in training, having a long office hours. This program aims to improve range of motion of your limbs and joints.

If you feel muscle tightness for any reason this mobility program will help you to move pain free over time. 

Levels: beginner, intermediate & advanced.

Equipment's needed: Resistance band or towel, mobility ball or tennis ball, foam roller & mat.

DM for more info.

MFP Over Night Oats

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