About me

Ivana Pesic

Certified Sports Nutritionist and Personal Trainer



My name is Ivana Pesic, I am certified sports nutritionist and personal trainer with over 16 years of professional experience working with clients individually.

I help people to build lifelong healthy habits and motivate them to stay physically active in order to get better in all the other aspects of life. 

I believe in simplicity and consistency.

Every ‘body’ is a puzzle unlike any other, requiring thoughtful assessment and iterative change management.

This is why my individualized approach has worked for so many clients – from working professionals who might have difficulty finding time to train, to elite athletes who need help with structured recovery.

Areas of expertise:

     1.  Nutrition:

  • Body composition management (fat loss, muscle gain).
  • Endurance & Ultra-endurance nutrition.
  • Maximizing athletic performance & recovery.
  • Breaking plateaus.

      2.  Physical Training:

  • Strength & conditioning.
  • Mobility.
  • Rehabilitation.


  •   Sports Nutritionist, Precision Nutrition.
  •   Sports Nutrition Specialist ISSA, International Sports Sciences     Association.
  •   UESCA Endurance Sports Nutrition.
  •   Personal Trainer, ACE / American Council on Exercise.
  •    Advanced Strength Program Design, Charles Poliquin.


       Book free consultation:

watsapp: +971 50 324 13 06

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