About me

Ivana Zrnic

Certified Sports Nutrition Coach and Personal Trainer




Instead of punishing your body with restrictions that result in binge eating, I will help you to:

1. Address potential issues in your eating habits.

2. Help you learn how to listen to and connect with your body.

3. Make sure that you enjoy the process and you are happy with it.

4. Learn from your plan in order to build lifelong healthy habits that you can maintain for life. 

I believe in simplicity and consistency.

I provide full savoury and sweet recipes that are super simple for prep and will fit into your individual daily caloric needs and macro split.

For any further questions, feel free to reach out.

Areas of expertise:

     1.  Nutrition:

  • Body composition management (fat loss, muscle gain).
  • Endurance & Ultra-endurance nutrition.
  • Maximizing athletic performance & recovery.
  • Breaking plateaus.

      2.  Physical Training:

  • Strength & conditioning.
  • Mobility.
  • Rehabilitation.


  •   Sports Nutritionist, Precision Nutrition.
  •   Sports Nutrition Specialist ISSA, International Sports Sciences     Association.
  •   UESCA Endurance Sports Nutrition.
  •   Personal Trainer, ACE / American Council on Exercise.
  •    Advanced Strength Program Design, Charles Poliquin.


       Book your consultation:

watsapp: +971 50 324 1306

or at:

Up and running, Al Wasl road, Dubai @upandrunningdubai

Raise, Jumeirah Lake Island Clubhouse @raisedubai