Clients Results

  • Karolina Tabor

Have been gaining weight for 3 years at a low of 58kg to a high of 77kg, Ivana identified through through extensive testing the fact I had excessive acid in my body and created a full daily meal plan which changed weekly, I am now on the 16th week and I have lost 13.6 kg and I am in heaven and disbelief that this healthy but professionally structured meal plan has stripped so much fat, water, visceral fat away so quickly! Ivana has supported me nearly daily through all this, even asking what foods I hate or love and structuring the plan around this and because of this it was much easier to follow and accept the plan in terms of enjoyment but also how healthy food can be and is very tasty, and the meals she offered were so filling and satisfying and even helping my sweet tooth that I really could not believe I was on a diet! After week 2 I even looked forward to Ivana’s next meal ideas. Am still on Ivana's plan and expect to reach my goal of 58 kg in approximately the middle of January HA HA🤣 2024! I truly thought it would take over a year or more to achieve this but I owe it all to Ivana her professionalism and how she stood by me through the whole process !


  • Roshan Bhat

Ivana became my nutrition coach when I wanted to take my training to the next level, I realized that I was underfueled and was giving up during the races. Even my blood work had a few deficits. Since using her help I understood my macros and supplements, focused on those to get to the level I needed on my races. Also wasn't focused on the weighing scale but more my overall health. I thank Ivana for getting me here and making break several of my half marathon personal best.


  • Keith Stacey

I did not realise how critical nutrition was until I felt the difference that it made.  I always knew that it was important but was never quite able to get it right. Tried speaking to people, reading a few books, scanning the web and trying some different things and even though I was able to get by in races can’t say that it gave me any advantage, if anything nutrition was always a risk. Then went to see Ivana and she just made it simple. As reluctant as I was to cook she found recipes and set plans that I could follow. Went from not knowing where to start to being able to visualise my requirements and realised that food was not only was the fuel I needed but also a critical part of recovery for the next session. That truly paid off in a recent event where my nutrition was spot on leading up to the race as well as during the race. The fear of nutrition and its effects on my race changed to being the value of nutrition and its outcome on my race.


  • Omar Al Sharrif

“I had decided to reach out to Ivana as I was finding that I was cramping quite a lot during my long ride sessions and even hitting the wall. Ivana immediately identified that my main issue was that I was not consuming enough carbs and so worked a plan that would increase my carb intake while also helping me to lose a couple of KGs that I wanted to. The results were immediate and within a span of 2 weeks all my cramps went away and I was no longer bonking even. I in fact found I could train harder and get less tired throughout the week. All this while still enjoying my meals as Ivana’s meal menus allows me to cook the food the way I usually like. I feel Ivana helping me address the nutrition requirements was the most major change for my training and general lifestyle and would highly recommend her to any one who is looking to get more serious about their sport or improving their health in general but is not sure how they should they do so from a nutrition perspective.”


  • Yousef Al Awadhi

"Meeting Ivana and training with her has literally changed my life around. Simply, with Ivana’s help I achieved my goal of losing weight, one that I have struggled with for years. I lost 35kg+ and my strength has more than tripled. I used to wear size XL, waist 38. Now Size M waist 31.

Without her help, I would never have achieved the level of fitness and wellness I have today if not for the personal attention given in my training sessions. Ivana ensures that my technique is always correct to avoid any injuries. She also knows how to motivate me, she makes each of my training sessions challenging but rewarding. My fitness has increased remarkably and I have seen improvements in my ability to complete more pull-ups / core exercises, lift progressively heavier weights & generally push myself harder throughout each session as she is very motivating and encouraging!. Later on, I started doing Spartan Races (obstacle Course Running) and she tailored the sessions to meet my specific needs to complete the obstacles that were difficult for me, improve my endurance to help me complete the long distance Spartan Races 21+km (Rugged Terrain) 30+ obstacles. She clearly put a lot of time into designing the sessions, which were full of variety, lots of fun and similar to Spartan Race conditions to help me prepare and improve my time. Thanks to Ivana, I managed to qualify and accomplish my biggest fitness achievement yet, which was completing a Spartan Race Trifecta World Championship in Sparta Greece (2 Days, total Distance 52.2 KM - Elevation 1,200 M – Total Obstacles 80).
I would recommend Ivana in a heartbeat if you want to achieve your fitness and health goals. The professionalism and passion for what she do is second to none. I really enjoyed the variety & challenge she put into the sessions and will be forever thankful to her!" 
  • Mirjana Radjenovic

59, who after beating cancer decided to have healthier lifestyle. By following meal plan she lost total of 22kg in 40 weeks.  

The main goal we focused on was to start making better food choices without restrictions in order to make Mirjana eat healthier, feel better, be more energetic and to be able to hike without losing breath. 



  • Russell M.

“I started working with Ivana @Inner Fight 6 months ago, the goal was to optimise my tennis performance, give myself more energy when training and playing matches, and to provide enough protein for muscle growth and repair.

Ivana devised a full nutrition plan, 7 days a week and the results have been fantastic.
She included a range of different foods week to week to ensure I had variety.

All in all, the plan has been a huge benefit to my energy and performance and I would certainly recommend meeting Ivana for a consultation and see if you can achieve similar results.”

R.M. lost 5.8kg of body fat and gained 1.7kg of muscle in 6months.






  • S.K.

45 years old male client with eating disorder who, at the time he first came in, barely ate 500g cals a day managed to restore his metabolism and over 3 months time started getting back to training stronger. Gained 1.1kg of muscle and lost 4.7kg of body fat in 3 months.

    • 49 years old client who tried following many different nutrition plans before unsuccessfully, managed to gain 3.3kg of muscle and lose 8.5kg of body fat in 3 months



    • 40 years old male client, who regularly trains strength & conditioning 6 days a week but had a poor diet, started our MFP individualized meal plan and lost 3.6kg of fat and gained 1.8kg of muscle in only 14 days.



    • 32 years old male clients is endurance athlete who has 5 gym, 3 running, 3 cycling and 3 swimming weekly sessions. He started our plan because he wasn't sure that he is eating right for his type of sport and wanted to improve his performance. In just 3 weeks after first check in, he lost 2.6kg of fat and gained 500g of muscle.



    • 29 years old client training strength & conditioning 5-6 times per week. 4.3kg fat loss & 2kg muscle gain in 6 weeks



    • 43yrs old male client who trains 3-4 times per week strength & conditioning. 1kg fat loss & 1.5kg muscle gain in a month



    • 49yrs old male client who trains 5-6 times per week. 2.8kg fat loss & 500g muscle gain in a month 



    • 29 years old female client training 3 times per week who lost 1.8kg of fat & gained 1.2kg of muscle in 15 days



    • 45 years old female client who usually trains 6 days a week, had a few months off training, started to follow our individualized meal & training plan. She lost 4.5kgs of fat and gained 800g of muscle in 2 months. She also reduced her high cholesterol levels to a normal range.



    • 29 years old male client struggled with obesity for a long time. He lost 10.1kgs of fat and gained 2.2kgs in of muscle in 4 months by following MFP training & meal plan. He is still working hard towards his goal. 




    • 25 years old male client had a hard time gaining body weight. By following MFP meal & training plan, he gained 900g of muscle and 400g of fat in just 20 days.



    • 25 years old female client had a hard time gaining body mass. In a month, by following MFP meal plan, she gained 1.2kgs of muscle and 400g of fat



    • 35 years old client who started followed our meal & training plan lost 7.2kg of fat and gained 2.8kg of muscle in 4 months. She dropped over 10% of body fat.



    • 38 yrs old female client who trains 6 days a week. Lost 1.2kg of fat & gained 500g of muscle in a month