Clients Results

1. Our 59 years old female client who after beating cancer decided to have healthier lifestyle. By following our plan she lost 10.4kg of fat and gained 2.6kg of muscle in 2 months.  

2. Our 40 years old male client, who regularly trains strength & conditioning 6 days a week but had a poor diet, started our MFP individualized meal plan and lost 3.6kg of fat and gained 1.8kg of muscle in only 14 days.

3. Our 32 years old male clients is endurance athlete who has 5 gym, 3 running, 3 cycling and 3 swimming weekly sessions. He started our plan because he wasn't sure that he is eating right for his type of sport and wanted to improve his performance. 

In just 3 weeks after first check in, he lost 2.6kg of fat and gained 500g of muscle.

4. 29 years old client training strength & conditioning 5-6 times per week. 

4.3kg fat loss & 2kg muscle gain in 6 weeks

5. Our 43yrs old male client who trains 3-4 times per week strength & conditioning. 1kg fat loss & 1.5kg muscle gain in a month

6. 49yrs old male client who trains 5-6 times per week. 

2.8kg fat loss & 500g muscle gain in a month 

7. 29yrs old female client training 3 times per week who

lost 1.8kg of fat & gained 1.2kg of muscle in 15 days

8. Our 45 years old female client who usually trains 6 days a week, had a few months off training, started to follow our individualized meal & training plan. She lost 4.5kgs of fat and gained 800g of muscle in 2 months. She also reduced her high cholesterol levels to a normal range.

9. Our 29 years old male client struggled with obesity for a long time. He lost 10.1kgs of fat and gained 2.2kgs in of muscle in 4 months by following MFP training & meal plan. He is still working hard towards his goal. 


10. Our 25 years old male client had a hard time gaining body weight. By following MFP meal & training plan, he gained 900g of muscle and 400g of fat in just 20 days.

7. Our 25 years old female client had a hard time gaining body mass. In a month, by following MFP meal plan, she gained 1.2kgs of muscle and 400g of fat

11. Our 35 years old client who started followed our meal & training plan lost 7.2kg of fat and gained 2.8kg of muscle in 4 months. She dropped over 10% of body fat.

12. 38 yrs old female client who trains 6 days a week. Lost 1.2kg of fat & gained 500g of muscle in a month