What’s included in TEAMS nutrition plan package?


Sports TEAM nutrition coaching package includes detailed nutrition plan to support the dietary needs and performance goals of athletes tailored to specific sport. Each athlete will be provided with the caloric daily intake based on their body composition assessment and food preferences as well as specific macronutrient split based on the sport they play.

The TEAM plan ensures that athletes have the energy they need to perform at their best and to promote the recovery rate. It will also support the bone health and reduces risk of injury. Nutrition affects cognitive function, and athletes need to be mentally sharp during training and competition. Balanced meals with adequate nutrients contribute to improved focus and concentration.

Here is the step-by-step guide on how nutrition coaching would work and what each athlete would get from it:

  1. The questionnaire.

Each athlete is required to fill out the nutrition questionnaire and answer general questions about lifestyle, past medical history, eating preferences etc. and will have a choice to select one of the few different nutrition coaching plans based on dietary preferences (gluten free, dairy free etc.).


  1. Body composition analysis. BCA.

Prior starting the plan, the team will be scheduled a group body composition assessment analysis with the biacorpus machine based on bioelectrical impedance which will show body fat mass, fluid balance, basal metabolic rate and more. Based on BCA information, sport they play, and the information provided in the questionnaire, I will know exact nutritional requirements for each athlete.


  1. Mobile app.

Each athlete will be able to follow nutrition plan via mobile App.

The app will show the macronutrient split percentages (X% protein, Y% fat & Z% carbohydrates) and exact grams of proteins, fats and carbohydrates that are in each meal, day, and week as well as daily caloric intake.





  1. Meal and snack recipes.

Full savoury and sweet recipes that don’t require hours spent in the kitchen for preparation will be provided. I use raw and whole ingredients that can be found in all supermarkets. We will focus on lean proteins, healthy fats and variety of veggies. Any food preferences, such as vegetarian, gluten free etc, will be incorporated in the plan as per athlete’s plan selection.

  1. Weekly ingredients shopping list.

Weekly grocery shopping list is provided so that athlete can buy exact amount of the ingredients and there will be no need to waste any food. The food brands will be recommended as well, but any other brand can be selected free of choice too.

  1. Food journal.

Own food journal with meal photos and nutritional info can be created on the platform. A food journal allows athlete to track their daily nutrient intake and It helps in recognizing patterns in eating habits, identify triggers for unhealthy choices, and become more mindful of portion sizes. It will keep an athlete accountable and increase awareness.

  1. Self-progress tracker.

The platform allows athlete to log body weight, tape measurements and to upload progress images which is optional but can help them stay motivated. 

  1. Follow up consultation & accountability.

One 30minutes group zoom call per week will be included and repeated every week on the same day & time and the zoom link will be sent to them. In each session I will discuss 1-2 educational topics over the 10-15mins time followed by 10-15mins of Q&A. The discussion topics will be educational, about pre/post training nutrition, supplementation, hydration, or any other topics athletes feel they lack in knowledge, and they can be requested in advance. Athletes are advised to communicate in between prior zoom call to avoid repeating questions.


Minimum of 15 athletes. 500aed per athlete

*athletes must be in the same sport discipline