Mobility and Movement

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Mobility and Movement program is 4 weeks general full body program that you can do on a side of your regular training program but it's also ideal for people who are not in training, having a long office hours. This program aims to improve range of motion of your limbs and joints.

If you feel muscle tightness for any reason this mobility program will help you to move pain free over time. 

Levels: beginner, intermediate & advance;

Equipment's needed: Resistance band or towel, mobility ball or tennis ball, foam roller & mat;

Duration: 4 weeks ( 6 sessions per week), each session is about 30mins;

How it works?

After you make a purchase, I will assign you to a True Coach platform where you will be able to follow your work out, so as number of sets and repetitions to be completed along with the short videos showing how exercise is suppose to be done.