What’s included in VIP nutrition plan package?

The VIP plan is highly individualized plan with continuous support for addressing emotional or behavioural aspects related to food choices, stress eating, and other challenges. Strategies for building positive habits may be incorporated.

The VIP plan is basically LIFESTYLE and ATHLETE plan in one plus 6 days a week support allowing you to reach out to me whenever you have questions or need guidance.

Knowing that you are accountable to someone, such as a nutrition coach, can be a powerful motivator. It adds a level of responsibility and encourages individuals to make choices that align with their health and wellness goals and also, knowing that someone is monitoring progress can act as a deterrent to self-sabotaging behaviours.

It is important to mention that this plan is not guarantee to a success unless you stick to the plan at least 80% of the time and put the work in. The main outcome depends only on you.

Here are key components that may be involved in an athlete's nutrition plan:

  1. Mobile app.

You will be able to follow nutrition plan via mobile App.

The app will show the macronutrient split percentages (X% protein, Y% fat & Z% carbohydrates) and exact grams of proteins, fats and carbohydrates that are in each meal, day, and week as well as daily caloric intake. All the foods have images, and some recipes have videos included which makes plan easier to follow.  You will also be able to pre/intra and post nutrition food and the exact food supplements you are using so that we can understand how are they fitting into your daily macros.

  1. Meal and snack recipes.

Full savoury and sweet recipes that don’t require hours spent in the kitchen for preparation will be provided. I use raw and whole ingredients that can be found in all supermarkets. We will focus on lean proteins, healthy fats and variety of veggies. Any food preferences, such as vegetarian, gluten free etc, will be incorporated in the plan as per your personal preference.

  1. Weekly ingredients shopping list.

Weekly grocery shopping list is provided so that you can buy exact amount of the ingredients and there will be no food wasted. The food brands will be recommended too, but you can select any other preferred brand. You will be send weekly content such as articles, healthy recipes, tips etc.

  1. Body composition analysis.

We cannot completely rely on your subjective feeling of making a progress, therefore you will have included body composition measurement with the biacorpus machine based on bioelectrical impedance which will show us your body fat mass, fluid balance, basal metabolic rate and more.


  1. Food journal.

Your own food journal with meal photos and nutritional info can be created on the platform. I will have access to your food journal which will give me insight in your eating habits, making it easier for me to provide personalized plan. It will also allow you to track your nutrient intake and help you in recognizing patterns in eating habits, identify triggers for unhealthy choices, and become more mindful of portion sizes. It will keep you accountable and increase awareness.

  1. Self-progress tracker.

The platform allows you to log body weight, body composition measurements and to upload progress photos which is optional but can help you stay motivated. 

  1. Follow up consultation & accountability.

Follow up discussion often revolves around assessing progress, addressing challenges, and making any necessary adjustments to the initial nutrition plan. Some of the follow ups will include body composition analysis. Remember that effective communication is key during follow-up consultations. Be open about your experiences, challenges, and successes to ensure that I can provide the most relevant guidance for your individual needs.

Below is listed a follow up structure for the VIP plan.

Week 1: six weekly platform chats* + 30mins in person or zoom call follow up.

Week 2: six weekly platform chats* + 30mins in person or zoom call follow up + body composition analysis.

Week 3: six weekly platform chats* + 30mins in person or zoom call follow up.

Week 4: six weekly platform chats* + 30mins in person or zoom call follow up + body composition analysis.

*Platform chat: You can write your feedback, questions, and requests on your mobile app chat daily or multiple times per day. I will respond to all your questions and suggestions X times per week, and it would always be on the same days of the week which you will be informed about in advance.


1 month 4000aed