Rowing capacity (General Program)

Rowing capacity (General Program)

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Rowing capacity is a 12 weeks general program that will help you improve your rowing efficiency and overall ergometer scores, by building a solid fitness base and increasing strength and stamina. 

The plan is structured into different rowing workouts that are varying in intensity. You will need to work both, aerobic and anaerobic systems to maximize your potential. 

Levels: intermediate & advance;

Duration: 12 weeks ( 3 sessions per week), each session is about 30mins;

How it works?

After you make a purchase, your coach will assign you to a True Coach platform where you will be able to follow your work out. 

You will be able to track your scores on True Coach for your own record. 

Your coach will be available for any comments and questions that you might have trough email from Sunday to Thursday 6am-6pm (UTC+04:00).

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