Individualized Training Program (any program type)

Individualized Training Program (any program type)

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Individualized Training Program - Remote Coaching is 4 weeks personalized progressive one-on-one fitness program, that will guide you trough your work out.

When it comes to training, there is no 'one size fits to all'. Whether you are a professional athlete or you never trained in your life before, when starting a new training plan you need to know exactly 'where are you at' in term of:

1. Posture. Do you have any postural deviations? 

2. Mobility. Never load before achieving full range of motion. Can you lift your arms over head without banding your elbows or arching your lower back? Or, can you perform a full squat without lifting your heels off the ground? 

3. Movement. How well can you perform a simple movement in all directional planes?

4. Past training experience. How long have you been training? What type's of training did you do before? Have you ever had a coach? How consistent are you? Is this going to be your first time training ever?

5. Goal. What are you looking up to? Do you want to improve your specific lift, general strength, run faster or simply feel good? Short or long term, goal should always be there. Above the all, keep your goal realistic.

We will as well ask about your:

1. Medical history. Is there any medical condition we should know about? Surgeries? 

2. Injury. Past or recent, most injuries treated properly especially in early stage become just temporary. 

Considering all of the above facts, we try to create the most suitable training plan for each individual. Overall, we are helping clients improve their performance and achieve healthy body composition that will enhance their quality of life, health and confidence. 

Our areas of expertise:

  • General fitness
  • Strength and Conditioning
  • Home Training
  • Mobility and flexibility
  • Swimming

How it works?

After you make purchase, you will receive forms to fill up.

The forms are including all the information about your health and past training experience. You will as well be required to record a short videos as per instructions, performing a specific movements for screening and addressing potential limitations.

Once the forms and videos are sent back, you will receive your training plan in within 72hours. After that you can start following your training plan trough a True Coach Online training platform. 

Your training program will be structured into 3 parts: warm up, main work out and cool down. 

For each training part you will be able to see number of sets and repetitions to be completed along with the short videos showing how exercise is suppose to be done. 

You will be able to track your completed repetitions and number of weights used so as upload a video of yourself performing exercise. This is optional, but highly recommended so that you can allow your coach to correct you if needed or to give you a tips. 

Your coach will be available to you trough whatsapp or email from Sunday to Thursday 6am-6pm (UTC+04:00).


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