Running for Beginners (General Program)

Running for Beginners (General Program)

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Running for beginners is 8 weeks general program ideal for individuals who either never ran before, never ran consistently or want to easily increase daily calorie expenditure, reduce body weight or improve cardiovascular efficiency. 

It is an 8 weeks program that can be done outdoors or on treadmill. 

The plan is structured into different running work outs that are varying in time intervals.

During the first days of running, your pace should be slightly faster then you walking pace. Don't worry about speed & distance covered, rather focus on your breathing technique. 

If you are not able to talk while running (at least a few words), that means that your pace is too fast. 

Level: Beginner

Duration: 8 weeks (3 sessions per week); each session duration will depend on your running pace.

How it works?

After you make a purchase, your coach will assign you to a True Coach online training platform where you will be able to follow your work out. 

You will be able to track your scores on True Coach for your own record. 

Your coach will be available for any comments and questions that you might have trough email from Sunday to Thursday 6am-6pm (UTC+04:00).

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